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#She 1

she is too weak to resist your effect.

She was just shaking hands and when you pulled her close, hold her hand strong between yours, She realized how weak she is

when you pulled her close to you and your face was in front of hers, your eyes were looking right into hers, She knew she won’t be able to look into your eyes

she didn’t, she was too confused and somehow irritated because you made it clear how weak she is when you did this, She is not used to face this truth.

when you pulled her close, and you were talking to her general, random talk, she was doing everything possible to get out of this situation,

even the way she kept thinking  days ago of how she will present to you what she wanted  to say, it all disappeared and evaporated when you took your surprising move,

She was running away,

You confused her.

She know there is nothing from you or nothing will be between you and her, but although she know that; she was hoping of a longer time of this weird holding thing;

you showed her the point of weaknesses,

she always said that even if she faced a similar situation it would be nothing because she know how to deal and handle it

but you showed her she can’t

she need to know how to resist

the facts concluded from this situation is that she is weak, she need to learn how not to be , she felt good when you did so but at the same time she was lost.

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after all, who are you?!


the women quotes


i don’t wanna get to this point of my life; looking backwards regretting everything, feeling unsatisfied

just like Mary at “The Women” movie when she found out at certain time she is nothing, and her busy life being a wife/mom have turned her old big dreams away, well she was lucky that she was able to accomplish her mission & changed when she woke up from her nightmare (past),, but who says its a rule and whenever you wake up you will be able to do whatever you want, i think we should watch our steps from the beginnings, every step, every choice we take build a part of our future

every time i see this movie i ask myself “what about you?” “what do i want?” , sometimes you live life just for others and you forget about yourself and your dream at this moment exactly i wonder how many lives do i have exactly not to grab any opportunity and fulfill my dreams

i don’t wanna have this “Mary” life the careless women the mother and the wife ,, am totally not ready for this; i am ready to spend every minute of my life as i want not under the control of any other circumstances

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how hard it is to live in a developing country ?

its harder than any of you can imagine , living in a developing country is about a life time challenge , whether you will survive or not , with absence of security , absence of raw materials , absence of rules .. absence of everything that can lead to humanity .

people in these countries are classified to two classes : a very poor class and the rich one ,yes the middle class has disappeared or to be more accurate on its way to disappear ,prices keep rising every now and then ; incomes are insufficient at all , most of the people are having very low wages and salaries, only few are getting the highest incomes you can ever imagine in a developing country , so people have to work day and night just to provide their basic needs from food , clothes , enough money to pay for schools and colleges .. – and of course the level of education should be mentioned here , you will have the appropriate level of education according to your willingness to pay money – this is considered to be a main part of the unemployment problem , many applicants don’t meet the market’s criteria to be hired,

many graduates nowadays in countries like India and Egypt tend to work for outsourcing companies , just be able to speak a foreign language then you’ll be hired and work in a call center , which in fact might be a good solution as they are giving good salaries but the ugly truth is those graduates have paid so much money , effort and time in their education stages and they chose different majors hoping to work by these majors in the same field , i know many graduates who have studied law , engineering , and different medical fields and they ended up working in a call center .

beside all this , if you are wandering who is the most unlucky creature on earth : its women who live in developing countries .;









as a result of illiteracy women are treated unfairly in their countries , as we have heard recently about that sexual assault crime which happened in India  Young woman gang-raped in India died

also in Egypt we have been reading a lot these days about the increasing percentage of sexual harassment  Mona eltahawy speaking the guardian about sexual harassment in Egypt

men have turned into animals , once they see a woman in the streets they give themselves the right to assault this girl , it seems they are saying ” as long as she is all alone then its mine ” they are assuming that women are weak and they are not able to defend themselves , but fortunately they are not , women aren’t weak and they deal with those monsters very good , ” Fighting harassment in the streets “

stepping aside from sexual assaults , women are also suffering from rules , unlike women in developed societies many of them are not allowed to leave their parents house and live alone before marriage , many fight everyday for their right to travel abroad solo , its rare to find a woman traveler from a developing country ,

its so obvious that these developing societies are not able to face the fact and believe that women are just like men , we are in the 21st century there is no place for inequality any more.

on another hand , governments in developing world are not working for people , they are working for themselves , they tend to give speeches on how they are working so hard to have a better country , how they are fighting to provide everything to their people , but actually non of these governments took a step towards economic or social reform , unlike the Turkish government which took a very large steps in the economic reform , Turkish debts to IMF will be zero by may says the prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan “clean break with IMF by may” , while other countries are still trying to sign agreements with IMF to have future loans which will lead the countries to drowning more and more , imposing taxes on local investments , allowing monopoly ignoring any rule of fair market and ignoring the fact that this fair market might take the countries to a whole new level achievements .

speaking of the ignorance of the government to the importance of economic reform and many other issues , governments are also ignoring the security issue in their countries , people are feeling unsafe when they go out to streets they don’t know what is waiting for them , thieves are left in many countries free in the streets , and of course lacking safety in the streets leads to the problem we have mentioned before ” sexual assaults”

and also which investor will take the risk and invest in a country which is lacking safety and lacking stability , no one will .

so its obvious that developing countries needs every help possible , needs governments who are really caring for their country , needs decades of hard working to rebuild those countries and let them be en route and on the track with the rest of the world .



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That’s why housewives should never exist .

i don’t really know if this is appropriate headline for this topic , but let us say it is

When it comes to marriage ; it becomes so clear why you should not take this step ( from my point of view ) , but if you took it then – and here i am speaking to all women out there – please don’t be a house wife , please be careful before getting married , you have to build your own character , build your own world . Because marriage is like two companies merging together , this merging could be good for both but could also hide the identity of one of them if it wasn’t strong enough , so that’s exactly what happens in marriage , if you don’t have your own world , your own independent strong character , you will be totally crushed : you are going to live with your partner’s life style not yours .

cuz if you are going to be weak , dependent person , making your partner the center of the universe then i tell you , you will be the loser here ,

you should have a life outside the house , a life beside having babies , a husband and housework , it’s proven : life is so much better and couples are happier when each of them has something to do outside the house , its just breaking that awful daily routine at home ,

so women you are not supposed to be at home for the rest of your life , go get a life and live happily ever after ; strong , independent , powerful whether you chose to get married or not ,, it’s your life you deserve to live it the way you want to !

PS : i haven’t been in a marriage before but i have seen so many marriages with diff. cases so i have witnessed many successful marriages and witnessed many failures too , so i loved to talk about it here ,, #just saying 😉