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Thoughts #3

– Reading is important; it takes you to a whole new space, you travel with the writer in his own journey, it makes you live more than one life through others life and experiences, you move between ages and times with them , Actually i am a big fan of reading; reading everything, books, novels, poetry, newspapers, magazines, it makes me feel alive

i have just finished reading a book of 732 pages was all about travelers from long time ago , the writer talked about other travelers and their expeditions starting from Coulombs, Freya Stark, James Cook, Charles Waterton, Alian bombard & many many others , it feels good to read about their experiences specially when you read about how they achieved their goals on their own, in ages where technology never existed.

another book i was reading mentioned this thought : who do you think know more those travelers at the past who did everything without the help of technology or those who travels and reaches their destinations in couple of hours instead of traveling in months and years ? my opinion & the writer’s too was of course those who traveled without help of technology, they have passed through difficulties learned from them, met people, saw and stayed in many places to reach their destinations, i think they did achieved the first goal of traveling in general which is to explore and meet new challenges and get to know diff. cultures , i think their lives were beautiful . right ?!


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Daydreaming .

so this one of the many drafts i have written last couple of days  ,

i think i have spent the whole day ” daydreaming ” , i was having a meeting today with some colleagues as we were working on our graduation project , while we were having a general discussion ; one of the colleagues ” A” asked me about the most important thing in my life ;

well this is a long story short : this A has traveled before by a full scholarship for one year to the US , since she told me and i knew about that scholarship , i was crazy as i was looking for something like this scholarship for very long time , unfortunately when i was about to apply there was no program for students who are about to graduate this summer , i was heart broken when i knew that , but when i met A today again ;

she asked me :  Haven’t you applied for the scholarship yet ?

i said : no , bec. of that criteria problem and so on

she said : the program’s criteria has changed and u can apply even if you are about to graduate

she said that and i had butterflies , u know that feeling when you are happy , worried , and nervous at the same time , i was thinking ” is it even possible ? ” “is it possible that my only wish will come true , actually i can’t stop thinking since i’ve heard her words and i am imagining everything ,
imagining my reaction when i’ll receive that call in which i’ll be told ” your admission is accepted , be ready for the long trip ”

picturing me packing , heading to the airport saying goodbye to family and friends , traveling at a cold night , imagining me when i put my first step on the land of the airport after hours over the ocean , imagined me creating my own world ,,

yes i am crazy , crazy about my dream , crazy about traveling  ,, i am ready to do anything just to have such an opportunity ,

i hope that all this will come true  one day , i really hope so