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People in phases

Well from the very little experience I had in this life I could summarize people and their attitudes in life into 3 categories/phases.

Phase ǀ : denial

Phase ǁ : adaptation

Phase ǀǀǀ : leading

Those who live in the denial phase still do not want to believe that change had happened, they don’t accept the fact that their “usual” has become “exceptional” ; their surroundings has changed, their balance has been disturbed; whether because of some of their friends/family/relatives/..etc has left/moved/changed to the worse or because of their inability to adapt with the new ”technological” world, they might be denying the fact that relations mostly nowadays depend on interests/benefits only; and mainly people in this phase refuse to get away from customs and traditions they are strict to their rules.

On the other hand, people in second one the adaptation phase might have a slight difference from the denial one; as they had fought, tried & their experience led to their capability, willingness to adapt & change, they have learned the lesson, they can deal with technology, understood that people may know you just for their benefits but you gotta keep them around, learned to step forward; to throw everything behind their back unlike those in the 1st phase they are stuck in the past.

The last phase “the leading phase”; in a proper order it is the first, they are the change makers, they are on the top of the pyramid and the rest are followers; whether they are the ones who created technology or the first to use it, they aren’t scared to try, able to change for better or for worse just to reach their destiny/position, they are motivators for some followers mainly for those in the second phase; but sometimes they are the monster/nightmares for those in phase 1 as they consider them the ones who created the change, the ones who turned life upside down; they invaded the world with new thoughts/rules/traditions they are not willing to be controlled over by some stupid old rules from the past, they create their own world and followers keep trying to have the same

I believe there is another kind don’t belong to any of those which is the mix between the 3 , they are stuck in the past, willing to change and creating their own unique world but they are not followers; I think I belong to this type

Where do you belong ??

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list of things replaced by modern technology .

50 things replaced by modern technology .

i have just read a post on Michelle guo blog :”

it mentioned the Mashable list for 50 things that have been replaced by modern technology , but here is my list of things i wish weren’t replaced by modern technology ,

#1 look up something in the dictionary: remember when we were kids how we used to ran to the dictionary to look up for a meaning of a word that we don’t understand , it felt like you were exploring something new, i think the effort we used to do to look up the meaning made that meaning memorable , its not like now when you need to know a meaning you look it up on Google translate.

#2 Watch videos & DVDs: when i was a kid we used to pay a visit at weekends for the video store to borrow a video tap a movie or a play or whatever , preparing for movie nights was really one of my favourite things.

#3 make a photo album: of course by having Facebook albums and Instagram there is no need to make a photo albums , i have made so many albums, an album of my pictures when i was a little kid , an album for hangouts with school friends ,album for family gatherings , and albums for my favourite football players ( yes i am a girl and i love football , i used to attend every training of my favourite team ) , albums for my favourite bands , singers , actors . but now there is no need to bother making an album for your favourite stars you have IMDP , and no need to make a photo album for you and your friends as long as you have facebook but it will be only your loss that you will never have the chance to hold these photos on your hand and look close in them and remember your old days when you look at them years later and you will not be able to stick those photos on your wall by modern technology.

#4 Record favorite programs using recorder: old movies ,plays , my parents weddings ,birthdays , favorite cartoons ..etc

#5 print photographs

#6 Hand written letters: i still remember when i was young i used to write many hand-written letters, used to write ones to my parents too , from time to time we check those and we laugh till we cry of how silly and innocent when we were young , how we used to draw a design each letter and the small drawings we draw beside our words ,it was fun 😀

#7 Watch tv shows at the time they are shown: we used to set everything earlier before the show begins , instead of what we do now we don’t care if we missed it we will watch it online , its good but what we used to do had a very special taste of entertainment , everything was different.

#8 Buy flowers from the florist: man ! flowers used to be a very respectful and appreciated gift , i remember buying flowers for my mom and grand-ma in ” mothers day ” , or when i want to apologize to someone i used to buy flowers , but i do not do that anymore , and when i do i buy those ready bouquets in the supermarket 😦

this is what i can think of right now 😉 write your list and share your memories 🙂

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Thoughts #3

– Reading is important; it takes you to a whole new space, you travel with the writer in his own journey, it makes you live more than one life through others life and experiences, you move between ages and times with them , Actually i am a big fan of reading; reading everything, books, novels, poetry, newspapers, magazines, it makes me feel alive

i have just finished reading a book of 732 pages was all about travelers from long time ago , the writer talked about other travelers and their expeditions starting from Coulombs, Freya Stark, James Cook, Charles Waterton, Alian bombard & many many others , it feels good to read about their experiences specially when you read about how they achieved their goals on their own, in ages where technology never existed.

another book i was reading mentioned this thought : who do you think know more those travelers at the past who did everything without the help of technology or those who travels and reaches their destinations in couple of hours instead of traveling in months and years ? my opinion & the writer’s too was of course those who traveled without help of technology, they have passed through difficulties learned from them, met people, saw and stayed in many places to reach their destinations, i think they did achieved the first goal of traveling in general which is to explore and meet new challenges and get to know diff. cultures , i think their lives were beautiful . right ?!


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“Facebook,Twitter mania” ??! a 30 day challenge to have a real life .

We are living in the 21’s century, which means we are surrounded by technology everywhere;

technology makes life easier, not only easier but faster; it speed things up. to the extent that sometimes you can’t catch your breath.

What is the easiest and fastest to get an information/update ?! Surf the internet.

When it comes to communication; we cannot ignore social network’s role, keeping in touch with friends/family..etc. and one main role is that it kills time; when you are bored having nothing to do; nothing is better in killing time than logging in to any social network. that’s a bonus but it’s not when it’s about to kill your real life.

Image Image

Using social networks have turned our life into an E-life , instead of calling a friend or a family member you just leave comment on their Facebook/Twitter, Does that count as communicating ?!

Instead of spending time with your family or hanging out with friends , or attending any symposium. We are just turning our backs to real life and convince ourselves with Fake world. we are missing great opportunities and we are not even realizing this because we are too busy Socializing online.

As for me; Am a person who is using social network 24/7, am getting used to posting daily updates; I reached a point where am updating my twitter every single minute, yes am enjoying my time, having fun,discussing various topics& having the chance of meeting new people; creating new friendships.

I love how you can discuss whatever you want and you’ll meet people out there sharing the same thoughts; it will allow you to be introduced in  a whole different world than the one you are living in.


– How much time do you spend online ?!

– A lot ?

– then how about your real life ?

– Do you hangout with friends?/ -Do you pay your relatives a visit every now and then ?

– When was the last time you got in touch with an old friend by telephone ?

Your answer to these questions will explain a lot…

 Do you think if people continued on this rate there will be calls/visits anymore ?

Why don’t you just ask elders how happy they were back in time, how beautiful it was to have a picnic, to travel , to sth crazy..

Why don’t we control our time and create a space that we can use it in volunteering? just an hour or two will make a difference in others life and in yours too.

We opened a discussion days ago,a friend was mentioning how important is the applications in her life: Facebook , twitter , whats app , bbm service !!!! she said exactly : “i almost forgot so many voices of people in my life, i rarely get in touch by any means but chatting online. ” she was glad to say so, as long as it’s easier and faster so why bother doing it differently ?.

When i told her about my challenge i was getting a reaction of ” are you crazy? “; you won’t be able to live like that for more than 24 hours.

I’m happy to get involved in this challenge, and let it grab change into my life.

The challenge : stop using Social network (Facebook/Twitter) for 30 days.

 ACTION : accounts deactivated.

Target : take the effect of social network out of my mind and find useful replacements; writing / reading ..etc.

I am sure that i will find things worth doing than just refreshing Facebook or twitter every second.

it will be a tough challenge, but it will make a difference in my life ,Count down is set already.

wait more updates 😉