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Perfectionists are not Allowed! #UnfinishedWork

Somewhere only we know </3

They taught me how to say ” Astaghferu Allah”. They say it helps in the healing process.

So I remembered their words!

“Astaghferu Allah”

I get busy and bury myself in endless tasks at work.

I read your name on my mobile. I get stuck.

Eyes fixed on the screen, mind reliving our moments together.

“Astaghferu Allah”, I say.

“Focus. You have work to do, deadlines to meet. Focus.” – said the distracted mind.

I saw you. I saw you putting your arms around her as you walked down the hall.

It makes sense! She is now closer to you than I used to do. The sight of you two puts extra weight on my heart, but I push a smile anyway.

That is what they taught me. Fake it until you make it. So I try.

A sigh.

“Astaghferu Allah”

I am on my way home, I pass by your house. Your perfume “my favorite” is in the air.

Heart pounding. Heartbeats racing. Tears pouring.

I catch myself crying. Stop! Remember the smile. So I smile.

“Astaghferu Allah”

I walk. Faster steps, unsteady but fast.

I leave with no look backs for today!

I repeat “Astaghferu Allah”. They said it is a pain killer, so I overdosed it.


— Astaghferu Allah: is a religious saying in Islam that means Ask for God’s forgiveness, help, and support. A mean of worship that is always thought to be good to start your prayers with. —


DISCLAIMER: This is not the final version. It is subjected to edits that should be applied soon.

Would love to hear feedback thou! Thanks xoxo


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where in the world again we’ll meet

since the beginning,

we shared this moment,

that will last till the end,

every time our eyes meet,

it make me nervous, as its not me,

a bet confused & a bit keen,

where in the world again we’ll meet,

i believed from the beginning we were meant to be,

something pulls us together like a honey & a bee,

spent years waiting for you to get the key,

a word could have changed who were we,

i saw you looking at me,

long time why haven’t i see,

the truth was calling, hey its me,

grab this moment & live your dream,

why haven’t i believed,

that you were for me,

if only i agreed.

PS: this is only me trying to write a poem, its my first one

everything has a first time right 🙂