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What matters is to show up; only show up.

Life keeps unstoppably teaching us lessons; and one of the most recent ones I have learned was knowing the importance of showing up no matter what happened. Show Up.

Show up for the people you love.

Show up in every occasion if possible; people are respecting you enough to share important moments of their lives with you; don’t shut them off & turn your back to their invitations.

Show up because you care.

Show up because you can.

Show up because you are still alive; create a memory that lasts in your mind & in people’s one too.

– When in to comes to an end; when each & every one of us leaves this earth our bodies will fade but what will only remain is the warmth of our souls; the softness of our words; our presence back then when we had the chance; that’s the only thing that will remain the memories & moments you shared with people; that’s how you’ll be remembered & that’s how your name will live forever.

Create your own moments when you have the chance.

Show up in people’s precious moments the saddest before the happiest.

Be there for people in your life. – if you don’t please don’t expect anybody to be there for you in return anytime -.

I have learned lately to stop making excuses; I used to live in my own world; not caring that much to the importance of people around;

but then i realized that part of having a really good life is to be there whenever possible.

I used to ignore most of the outings with friends because am too happy having other stuff to do it my way; but taking a look back i noticed how disrespectful is that; why would I keep people away;

And on the other side; I have learned that no matter how much I hate a person; disregarding too many facts you have to be there in the saddest moments even if you hate this person. you still have to show up.

It matters.

Because you never wanna end as a reaction not the action itself. Showing up is good.

So be good.

that’s what life taught me; Be good; Show up, It really really matters.


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About time..

I’ve been newly introduced to this incredible fascinating movie ” About time..”

I’ve always had this thought about time travel..

“What if’ only wander if you can go back in time to live your favorite moments again; not only live them but stop them from going; i would stay in my favorite period of time forever; Why would i risk it & leave it behind to see the future ?! yea the future may be prettier but what if turns out not to be that pretty as what i had before ? then what happen ?!

The same exact thought i have about people who say ” Don’t be afraid to fall in love; you never know it may work ?! again what if it didn’t ?! then what ? are you going to heal the wounds ? are you going to fix it ? the only one who will take the pain is the one who did it risk; yea you might & i say MIGHT get the biscuit but who knows after all ?!

you may get the feeling of insecurity in my words but that’s how i feel about the whole Life thing; you never know if you are going to have what you have now in the next following moment..

yes i love being a risk taker but at the same time i try to avoid the bitterness of loss; losing people, losing things, losing the meaning of your life & last but not least losing hope.

Only imagine..

What if you have the opportunity to re-live your past or lets not get so vague.. what about re-living some moments that you really really want to have again?

Oh dear God, i can only think about how fast can my heart beats go.. i can think of the consequences of such miracle if it has genuinely happened;

The movie has just awaken these kind of dreams inside me; as if someone has just dipped his finger deeply in your wound & never took it back;

am not only grieving about the past; am worried to death about the present; by the tik-toks of a clock my present vanishes & its replaced by the unknown; yes we’ll manage to deal with it; but it will torn another piece of the heart as it goes away;

you know i can’t get out of here with the best advise; because i actually don’t know it; am asking for one;

but the thing is the movie has just stressed on a fact that away from miracles & dreams of time traveling; we still have moments to live; we still have the opportunity to tighten the gap in our intervals & enjoy the moment;

we still have the opportunity to look deeply on the face of people we love; may it s the last time; maybe not but you’ll certainly save your details in your memory; and whenever its needed you’ll just recall it; that’s the best that we can do.. RECALL.

so to do this recall thing perfectly you’ll have to live fully in each and every moment doing what you love with the people you admire the most;

what we need to do is to learn how to appreciate what we have;

Don’t take things for granted;

leave a mark; be there for your people; keep them in as well; build your connection real tight that’s how a life is made; and that’s memories are created;

People & you will live forever not to the last day of your life but your story will be there alive to the last day of the last person you had a connection with;

Recall their memory; let them live;

Be Alive.

I do really want to thank whomever worked on this movie; it says a lot; if was able to describe what i feel about time/ time traveling and this concept the overall idea i wouldn’t have described it better.

it showed me make it clear to my eyes how hard is it to decide; How hard it was when he had to choose between his newly born kid & his father; choosing between the past & the future; when can be the one so sure of anything to take such a decision ? how ? will i ever be able to choose & be so certain & definite about something ? will i ever be able to decide without hesitation & never look back; no regrets but at least imagining what if i went for the alternative ?!

one of the great lessons in the film as well was that whatever power you have; fate will always exist; you will never be able to fix everything by your own; some stuff need to take care of itself; some unfinished business will be done & not fully done by you; yes you may use your power but the universe will interfere in a way or another; just to let things fall into the right place;

And not to forget the sense of devotion declared in the film; you may need to add devotion to your daily routine, sit back & watch the difference in your life,

Again thanks to the filmmakers; brilliant job; i’m definitely watching it over & over again; and i advise you too as well – whoever is reading this – watch the movie 🙂

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Time will do it all.

It takes time to realize the importance of the Time.

Time heals your broken heart.

Time helps you understand.

Time let you learn.

Time gives you experience.

Time will let you forget.

Time will man you up.

Just wait and leave it to time; it will do it all.

“You can have it all. Just not all at once.”
Oprah Winfrey


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why can’t we be forever young ?!

I don’t wanna leave them..

why is it impossible to pause ..

let time stops here where we are all together happy still looking good with our pure warm hearts..

when changes take place coldness fill hearts; distances get longer ..

what was there will never be here again no matter what ..

why can’t everyone just keep their roles ?!.. they are still going to be on the top, taking care of everything ..still taking care of us; and our roles will remain always their cute lil children who love them and always willing to be under their feet to do anything for them..

and it won’t be enough compared to all the sacrifices they did;

I just can’t picture them in any state but strong as they’ve always been.

There has to be a way to stop time .. to stop everything from moving on.. why can’t everything just standstill ?

why can’t we be forever young ?!

we will grow old and they will too. our roles will grow ..

changes will take place in our lives and what we have right now “our present” will become our future’s past .. our now will become a memory a very beautiful one ..

let us just hope this “present” will last longer than we could even expect.

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Am I taking life too serious ? Why ?!

I’ve been asking myself this question last two days , Am I talking life too serious ? apparently YES, short answer yes, long one: yes because … 

life used to be so different, we used to have fun, but now i realized we are not.

the more we get older the less we have fun,

as we get older we get used to ” over thinking ” ,thinking about the future, about what you have missed in the past, about any other stuff … the point is we are being too serious.

it might be the pressure of the surroundings, we are definitely affected by the surrounding atmosphere, whether politically, economically or socially .

its like the closed cycle, if there is a defect in one stage then it will affect the others, politics will affect the economy which in turn will affect nations, will affect us .

you feel like life is not willing to give you a chance to relax.

i used to be so happy at in the past, i don’t know what happened now.

there is a big difference between” laughing deeply from your heart “and ” just laughing on a certain situation.”

there is a difference between “your intention & willingness to hangout with friends or whatever bec. you want to” ,” and “your decision to hangout with them because you need people in your life”

there is a difference between “you want to .. ” and ” you have to .. “

honestly i can tell you all i am doing now is only what ” i have to ..” , i am involved in that student activity bec. ” i have to ” as it will give me experience that i must have to be hired later , i am studying bec. ” i have to ” , last week i went out with friends bec. ” i have to ” we need people in our lives , right ? -do not get me wrong i love my friends and i am thankful to have them in my life- ,its just i don’t feel the same about anything like i did in the past ,

its really getting on my nerves to be like that, i am thinking before every step i could possibly take , it might be good but no its not , its not when you are thinking the 24 hrs , you need a little bit of that foolish moments you used to have , you need some of these spontaneous decisions that you used to take in one second and you don’t know how the consequences will be.

my problem is i feel that everything has changed and i don’t know why or how that happened. i might be having some good times but not like the old ones when the laugh was very true coming out of the heart.

the reason just might be that we are getting old we are not these innocent children anymore , that’s it.






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School days :)


through my whole life , a lot of people walked in it and some walked out , but i have never forgotten any of them , each one of them has left a small memory in my head , some still have a big part in my heart and my head , for example school days -the teachers, friends – those have affected me and my life greatly , as its the first stage in our life so it will always be the best and unforgettable days , the following stages in our life whether college , work ..etc it will never be perfect like the first stage as i remember life was so easy , no responsibilities , no worries , no need to think about tomorrow because you already know everything will be fine, sometimes i think that i’ll never meet friends like the old ones ,and the teachers too , i remember how they were so keen to help us and to teach us lessons that will help us later in life , i admit it that my attitude and my way in dealing with many issues was influenced by them and their instructions that was given long time ago , if i would thank for the rest of my life it won’t be enough for what they have done ,

i used to pay them a visit annually at school , and every time i finish this visit with a very big amount of happiness , happy because i feel like i went   back to old days , happy that they still remember me , happy to hear their witnesses that we were one of the most respectful generations that passed , of course a lot of things had changed at school and some of my teachers left some traveled to another country , but thankfully the most loved ones was still there , i remember when i was young i think in primary stage , we were introduced to a new teacher fresh graduate and he will be our new teacher of science , he was handsome and as u all know all of the girls in my school fell deeply in love with him 😀 and of course i did too , i remembered how i used to be so happy when we are going to attend his class 😀 specially that he continued teaching us until we finished preparatory stage, but after that we realized that we are all fools as usual and we were only teens so he is now as my big brother , when i met him last time i visited school i was flying over the moon , my heart was beating very fast from happiness , this happiness you feel it when you see something from your past , and you remember how beautiful these days was , and how we used to be so happy , fearless , crazy , fools but most important that me my friends and teachers were just like a family and may be more ,

so thanks my dear teachers and friends , thanks my school for letting me have the most beautiful days in my life

may god bless you all

love xoxo