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the challenge is you still do whatever..

every single one of us have some point in his/her life where we need to spice our life’s a bit, add some extras w]that would give our life a meaning, a meaning that would eventually defines us and our way of living,

challenges do so.. when you go for a challenge , when you set one and be determined and strong enough to accept it, thats a good start but the actual challenge is to keep moving until you reach the end successfully, the actual challenge is to finish what you have just decided to start.

in other words, some of us lose power along the road, some get tired, give up, forgot at some point why they have started this challenge from the first place, we sometimes reach a point where you start asking yourself ” is it really worthy? ” ” why am i doing so & so ? ” , we do not wanna keep fighting to reach the end line. we do want to have whatever we want easily without even a sweat drop.

you’ll never be satisfied or happy if never finished what you started, you may feel you are running out of your energy, but this means that you were fighting so do not let some moments stop you from moving forward , a step closer towards your success,

whenever you feel that you are about to give up, stay away from everything take a deep breath and take couple of minutes to remember why exactly you said before ” challenge accepted” , remember why you wanted to start this from the first place, write down the “WHY’s ” , write down what motivates you, if its not about motivation , if you are running away from something write down what is this particular thing, remind yourself of the main reasons, close your eyes and picture yourself twice , a one big picture when you made it to success and another picture with you giving up not giving yourself the chance to prove itself,

picture yourself in both situations and see where exactly will you feel satisfaction and fulfillment, 

lose yourself between your thoughts towards success , as i have just read ” “To lose yourself: a voluptuous surrender, lost in your arms, lost to the world, utterly immersed in what is present so that its surroundings fade away … to be lost is to be fully present, and to be fully present is to be capable of being in uncertainty and mystery.” ― Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost

don’t let the surroundings affect your decision, don’t let anybody take control over your life, be determined, draw your line and be unique,

walk in an endless motion towards your dream, fulfill your needs to be what you want, don’t think of what people might say about what you are doing, ignore people because nobody will want you to be a better person than yourself, don’t ask for help be independent and strong enough in a position where you are the one who is providing people with help,

you are responsible for your own masterpiece, accept the challenge and keep moving , use the power of positive thinking.  WALK THE LINE till the end.


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#She 5

she said :

i can see myself walking the line with you

i can see myself baring my soul confidently because i trust you

i can see the two of us together

i can see me breaking rules for you

i can see me showing the soft side in front of nobody but you

i can see me doing things i thought i’d never just for you

i can see people talking how my life changed when you came in

i can see my heart believing in love after you prove to me it does exist

i can see the two if us supporting each other to achieve our dreams

i can see the two of us working on our life so hard to make it better

i can see the joy and i can realize a smile on our faces

i can see a relief when i look into your eyes

i can see all of this coming if only you were courageous enough to say it out loud

i can see it happening if you seriously wanted to be a part of my life

you’ll seriously work hard to have me

if you didn’t do so . then you don’t deserve me ; and all these pictures in my head would vanish ; but it will be true with the one who care and work on it just to be in the picture and draw this smile on our faces when we will be together …

my reaction depend on your action ..

its your turn; you have the right to do the next move


i do wanna reach a point where somehow when i look back at my life i’d look proudly and say OMG i did that, i didn’t actually thought i could but i did .. a point where everything seemed too hard i look back & say i got over that ,, passed it & dealt with it wisely , i do wanna look proudly at my mistakes and say yes because of these mistakes i have learned a lot and that’s why i became who i am today

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after all, who are you?!


the women quotes


i don’t wanna get to this point of my life; looking backwards regretting everything, feeling unsatisfied

just like Mary at “The Women” movie when she found out at certain time she is nothing, and her busy life being a wife/mom have turned her old big dreams away, well she was lucky that she was able to accomplish her mission & changed when she woke up from her nightmare (past),, but who says its a rule and whenever you wake up you will be able to do whatever you want, i think we should watch our steps from the beginnings, every step, every choice we take build a part of our future

every time i see this movie i ask myself “what about you?” “what do i want?” , sometimes you live life just for others and you forget about yourself and your dream at this moment exactly i wonder how many lives do i have exactly not to grab any opportunity and fulfill my dreams

i don’t wanna have this “Mary” life the careless women the mother and the wife ,, am totally not ready for this; i am ready to spend every minute of my life as i want not under the control of any other circumstances

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Daydreaming .

so this one of the many drafts i have written last couple of days  ,

i think i have spent the whole day ” daydreaming ” , i was having a meeting today with some colleagues as we were working on our graduation project , while we were having a general discussion ; one of the colleagues ” A” asked me about the most important thing in my life ;

well this is a long story short : this A has traveled before by a full scholarship for one year to the US , since she told me and i knew about that scholarship , i was crazy as i was looking for something like this scholarship for very long time , unfortunately when i was about to apply there was no program for students who are about to graduate this summer , i was heart broken when i knew that , but when i met A today again ;

she asked me :  Haven’t you applied for the scholarship yet ?

i said : no , bec. of that criteria problem and so on

she said : the program’s criteria has changed and u can apply even if you are about to graduate

she said that and i had butterflies , u know that feeling when you are happy , worried , and nervous at the same time , i was thinking ” is it even possible ? ” “is it possible that my only wish will come true , actually i can’t stop thinking since i’ve heard her words and i am imagining everything ,
imagining my reaction when i’ll receive that call in which i’ll be told ” your admission is accepted , be ready for the long trip ”

picturing me packing , heading to the airport saying goodbye to family and friends , traveling at a cold night , imagining me when i put my first step on the land of the airport after hours over the ocean , imagined me creating my own world ,,

yes i am crazy , crazy about my dream , crazy about traveling  ,, i am ready to do anything just to have such an opportunity ,

i hope that all this will come true  one day , i really hope so