i do wanna reach a point where somehow when i look back at my life i’d look proudly and say OMG i did that, i didn’t actually thought i could but i did .. a point where everything seemed too hard i look back & say i got over that ,, passed it & dealt with it wisely , i do wanna look proudly at my mistakes and say yes because of these mistakes i have learned a lot and that’s why i became who i am today


#She 4

he keep talking and he opens conversations, she replies

but she never starts

she don’t know what or how the next step will be .. she is not the controller this time

he is; and he is pulling her towards him .. she never thought its even possible but she is letting herself to do so, limits & boundaries are still there but at least what she thought was unbreakable apparently it is..

she always refused to think about it, now she is involved in this mess; she is attracted by a strange force which she is trying to understand but didn’t get it yet

what happened ? what changed her mind ? why she is still responding to his conversations ? why hasn’t she kicked him out as the previous ones ? and at the same time she is still not falling for him , she is not overwhelmed by his charm yet..

no doubt he has a strong character an influential one, they have a lot in common

she will know he is the one when she find herself easily going with him, not over thinking about her reactions, not obliged to think before she talks to him

when she find herself away of anxiety ,being nervous and she feels totally comfortable with him and when she feel that relief after talking to him,

when she find herself talking about her stuff and he is listening carefully;

when she talks about things from deep inside her hearts, things that were never revealed before him

when she feels that he is good enough to trust him

when she knows and he assures her that he cares , really cares not only words

when she feels that he thinks about her every single moment in his life

when he keep thinking about her and how is she and what she is doing when she is not there with him, when he keep asking about her

when he is courage enough and he forget about any boundaries and let her know that he cares and he won’t give up on her easily ,

when he is supportive enough

,, only then she will now he might be the one

but before that happens she won’t be able to understand what he is to her and she won’t be able to take any decisions regarding this whole thing.

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Thoughts #3

– Reading is important; it takes you to a whole new space, you travel with the writer in his own journey, it makes you live more than one life through others life and experiences, you move between ages and times with them , Actually i am a big fan of reading; reading everything, books, novels, poetry, newspapers, magazines, it makes me feel alive

i have just finished reading a book of 732 pages was all about travelers from long time ago , the writer talked about other travelers and their expeditions starting from Coulombs, Freya Stark, James Cook, Charles Waterton, Alian bombard & many many others , it feels good to read about their experiences specially when you read about how they achieved their goals on their own, in ages where technology never existed.

another book i was reading mentioned this thought : who do you think know more those travelers at the past who did everything without the help of technology or those who travels and reaches their destinations in couple of hours instead of traveling in months and years ? my opinion & the writer’s too was of course those who traveled without help of technology, they have passed through difficulties learned from them, met people, saw and stayed in many places to reach their destinations, i think they did achieved the first goal of traveling in general which is to explore and meet new challenges and get to know diff. cultures , i think their lives were beautiful . right ?!


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