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Thoughts #2 ( join the “Forever Alone Club ” )

I’ve written this in Arabic :

نعم لست قادرة بعد علي فهم الكلمة الساحرة و قوتها و قدرتها علي تحويل الانسان ! ترجمة الكثير الي خوف و شغف و جنون .. لست قادرة بعد علي استيعاب تأثيرها , انعدام الثقة هو احد اسباب عدم اقتناعي بسحرها , ما الذي يجعلني اصدق كلمات يتفوه بها شخص م ا؟ , فهي في النهاية مجرد كلمات . و في النهاية نحن بشر و يتغير الكثير و لا يعود شئ كما كان ابدا .. ف كيف اثق ب احاسيس و مشاعر قابلة للتغير.

i have written those words in Arabic because it would be so much easier to hide a lot in words ,

i’ll not be able to translate it exactly as it is to you but i can give a summary of what this is about .

i was saying : that i am not able to understand the word (Love ) , cant understand its magic or its power and its ability to change people whether to a better or worse ones .

this magical word is just like a translation of passion , fear , craziness and many other feelings in a very special way ,which makes it so much  difficult for me to understand how does it works , how can it has that strong influence on people .

a problem of distrusting people is one of the reasons that makes me don’t believe any of its magic , what makes me believe a person who says some words ? we are all humans and we all have our sins and a lot of us lies A LOT ! we change from time to time and so do our feelings so how can i trust these feelings ?

what makes me turn my life upside down only according to words and feeling that may change in the future and they may be -in the first place – a big lie .

I don’t believe in LOVE and i don’t believe in sharing my life with someone else , i know what i need and i know what to do , and i don’t need someone to tell me what to or not do

lets praise #Forever Alone Club 😀


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The orientation day : 3/december/2012 , feeling the joy of success .”The special 2012″

This will be another story added to what makes 2012 so special for me.

the story begins at the end of November 2010 , when i joined an international organization found in many countries and universities including mine , 

Long story short : i’ve decided to join it so i applied , had an interview and i was accepted , joined one of it’s committees and worked for- i think- 2 or 3 months ; then i left for some reasons .

but at November 2011 i realized how stupid i was , i never regret anything in my life but leaving this organization was the first time to regret a decision i made .

 when i re-joined i decided to work hard to prove myself again , and here we are in 2012 a year passed and i am still in this org. and the most important thing was what happened yesterday ,,

we have been working for almost 2 months recruiting , to give a chance to new members to join our team and share our success with them , so we had worked on a daily basis to let everyone one knows who we are and what we do , what we have accomplished ,

fortunately everything was perfect of course we faced a lot of problems but at the end we had a tour in all the faculties and we let everybody know about us ,

we interviewed the applicants and accepted some of them so we had to take the following step which was the ORIENTATION , we had to explain in it everything in details , projects , committees , our mission for this year ..etc

so at 11 am yesterday me and my colleagues gathered together to start to decorate the theater and to make the rehearsals we were divided into teams i was in a two teams one of them was the organizers ..

when you are put in charge to make sure that everything is perfect , everybody sits in the appropriate place carrying the timeline of the day and the welcome envelopes , you feel so responsible , you feel that if you didn’t do your job right you will be responsible for the failure of a whole team , everyone was working with very high spirit and passion .

at the end of the day i have felt the joy of success i have felt that you will never ever feel success unless you work very hard ,

when we were about to make the closing of the day i was surprised by the president of our org. saying we want to thank every single person who worked to make this happen and then the presenter grabbed the microphone and said that ” we would like to congratulate and thank one of the most active members of the year …..” and suddenly i heard my name 🙂 so while i was walking from my place to the stage to have my certificate i was flying over the moon hearing a very warm and strong clapping from everyone in the room specially from my friends at that moment exactly i was about to cry cuz u feel that u have done the right thing , my decision to change and be a better and active person wasn’t wrong , i have chosen the best place to help me be a better person , i am better now because of you my team and because of our spirit together , because of learning how to give without asking back for a favor 

i have learned the joy of giving , the joy of changing , and i have made my decision and i’ll never ever break it : from now on i’ll never be that lazy stupid person again ,i really hope to be what i want to be and to achieve more success in my life

a message for me and for all of you guys don’t ever give up and don’t let your thoughts control you or break you ,  do what you want now its never too late !