Resolutions: 2014

NYC Girl In Pearls


Looking back on all of my experiences this year, especially pictures and messages from family/friends, I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that’s happened in 2013. I can’t believe how many things have changed – from graduating, moving to Paris – to little things like completing my first half-marathon and staying in my first hostel.

I’m extremely lucky to have experienced and learned so much in the past year that I want to ensure I get the most out of 2014, too.

I’ve thought a lot about the following resolutions I’ve made for this upcoming year, and in an effort to keep them both fun and simple, here they are:

1. Say ‘yes’ more and often. I once read a piece on Thought Catalog on “How To Have A Zelda Fitzgerald Summer” where one of the instructions is to say ‘yes’ to everything that I still think back…

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why can’t we be forever young ?!

I don't wanna leave them..why is it impossible to pause ..let time stops here where we are all together happy still looking good with our pure warm hearts..when changes take place coldness fill hearts; distances get longer ..what was there will never be here again no matter what ..why can't everyone just keep their roles …

Let it Be

How To Fly Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Four days had passed and I still hadn’t left the flat.

I hadn’t washed or eaten and the only contact I’d had with the outside world was a 30 second phone call with my mum. I just lay under my duvet for hours at a time. No music, no TV, no fags, just my whirring thoughts and the polka dot sheets. Occasionally, I would get up to use the toilet and sip some water, but even that felt like a mountain to climb.

I was restless, something was crawling underneath my skin. I clawed at my neck and chest, leaving crimson scratches and bloody fingernails. I fell from the bed onto the bedroom floor, crying out for mercy, but no one was listening.

I couldn’t take it anymore, it was unbearable. I lay on my bed, pleading, crying out for some relief from the agonising pain that plagued my mind…

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Things My Therapist Has Taught Me

Sips of Jen and Tonic

bc425f09027fd13912ac10b6728e4ea3I don’t typically write serious subject matter on this blog, but a few months ago I wrote about my desire to seek therapy for a myriad of issues I’ve faced for years. A woman of my word, I began going almost immediately.

I don’t like talking to friends or family members about my problems so the idea of talking to a stranger about my innermost thoughts really put me off. Luckily, I found someone totally aces on the first try, and she has taught me some very valuable things in our time together so far.

How you feel about yourself is not a democracy.

I would never have described myself as a “people pleaser” until I started seeing her. Now I can’t believe I never saw it before. In every facet of my life I am living for someone else: at work, in relationships, with my family, among friends. No…

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the challenge is you still do whatever..

every single one of us have some point in his/her life where we need to spice our life's a bit, add some extras w]that would give our life a meaning, a meaning that would eventually defines us and our way of living,challenges do so.. when you go for a challenge , when you set one …

Art of War

Lunch Sketch

According to the Australian War Memorial, this photo was taken on the 7th of June 1945, in the Soraken Area of Bougainville.

As I look at this scene, I wonder about the young soldiers watching the artist. Maybe they are taking a moment of calm reflection, as they consider the contrast of this moment to the horrors they have witnessed. Maybe they are envying the artists skill and thinking how much they would prefer the business of Art to the business of War. I think of one soldier in particular … he is standing, second in from the top left … my Grandfather.

Private Gordon Waterson was Forward Scout for his team in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. After some years, he contracted malaria and was eventually sent home for recuperation. The soldier that took his place was soon after killed in action. Even though malaria most likely saved…

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