Hello World..

So here is where we are supposed to speak about ourselves; so here I am unfolding the reason why I am here. Well as I was newly introduced to WordPress since 2012 ,I haven’t recognized the importance of writing in my life until then. It has started with the old-fashioned diaries, Then – inspired by that scene in the movies where the actress sit & write all her thoughts online in her blog – I decided to start my blog here & stress mainly on current events.

Why do i write ? i write because it helps me to re-arrange my thoughts .. it’s easier for me to express my thoughts and my feelings through writing rather than anything else !

Why Travelertobe ? Because that is what I do, I live for the sake of traveling & exploring the world around; So when I started this it was a dream, a huge one that scared & still scaring the hell out of me.     2 years later – actually the current one – Step 1 is down & i took off finally. the big picture is not done yet but at least the corner stone is there.

I believe that you will never get to know yourself better & value your own life until you know more people & learn from their experiences, their ups and downs. Our lives nowadays is so fast we are hardly catching our breath but sometimes we have to slow down to see & witness the beauty of what we have , sometimes we need to have a closer look in other people’s life to know how much are we blessed. And that my friends is the absolute purpose of Travel. Explore the world & re-explore yourself.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. This sounds very familiar! 🙂 I can absolutely relate! Thanks for the follow, following back and after reading your about page feel like I will def enjoy your blog.

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