Self-Destruction: A Killer Super Power

I am almost about to a break a record in Self destruction. It works like magic.

You just have one destructive thought and boom a trail of killer thoughts suddenly occupies the mind, changes the mood and makes your heart heavier than it already is.

And the variation and the number of thoughts are scary too! One second you are thinking of how you messed up your career, jumping to failed relationships, to wasting time and all fingers are pointed to you! You are the one to blame. How else are you going to destruct yourself if you don’t blame it and take control of all the sh*t happened in your life?

Add to that mood swings over the weekend, resulting in bad treatment to parents and friends. Well done two more things to think about and blame yourself for.

Self-destructing thoughts result in an intolerable level of laziness.

Like now you know “supposedly” where are the areas that you wanna work on in your life to improve, but you are too weak or maybe helpless to do anything towards them.

You need to prepare a report for work over the weekend. That will save time and help you feel you good about yourself. But Nah! Let’s just keep dwelling in that sh*t, let’s keep thinking of the what ifs instead.

If you came across this blog post and have any positive or motivating comment, please don’t hesitate to share. The writer of this post is in so much need of support.



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