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On Strength.

Strength is that call you make right after your favorite uncle’s death to tell everyone he is gone.

Strength is holding your breath when you knew your dad has stage 2 cancer.

You keep assuring people you are strong, but they keep saying that’s just what you want to think.

They haven’t seen you, they haven’t seen how you see him everyday after he broke your heart and you are acting just fine.

They define strength with sharpness. They see strength as a heartless, cold person who doesn’t give a sh** about the world. But strength for you is different!

Its falling in love but staying half conscious to save yourself when needed.

Strength and confidence are best fits or so I think. Sometimes it comes in the form of sitting alone having dinner all by yourself in a community that would think you are crazy if you did. And sometimes it comes in the form of handling death starting with that phone call you make to tell everyone it happened.

What is strength for you?