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Impossibly Blue: A Memory



The sky beamed, its surface impossibly blue. The car sped along the coastal road past beach cottages with terra cotta shingles and stucco walls, past miles of endless beach stretched out like a lover sweetly caressing the oncoming waves.  This is my most vivid memory, my happiest memory, because it was my last day with him.

Pearl Jam’s Black thrummed through the speakers, mixing with the wind and floating out through the open window. I looked out at the sea, the ocean I would probably never gaze at again, and I closed my eyes trying to take a snapshot of this moment.  I could feel the sand between my toes and the warm water lapping at my feet.  I could hear his voice whispering in my ear.  I could feel his fingers brushing against my cheek and his lips slowly pressing into mine.

We had stopped at a quiet beach…

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