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over thinking

over thinking

over thinking kills.

it destroys you.

torn you into million pieces.

occupy every single space in your head.

never gave the opportunity to have some clear space.

it makes you dull.

it makes you depressed, frustrated.

it never allows you to see a bright side.

so please take this advise that my mind is refusing to take and stop over thinking cause you’ll end up suffering like me,
my mind never knew when to stop. it ruins every moment, over thinking brought more sleepless nights,
and what drives me crazy is that i don’t have this one big problem that could take that much of thinking, i hope there was actually, instead of over thinking in million subject and in every situation, over thinking about the future, over thinking about the past.
my head is like thousand characters fighting inside and they are not willing to stop apparently,
me right now: a pale face, a very tension mood, being serious all the time, smiling is just a typical action to avoid people questions,


6 thoughts on “over thinking

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Over thinking almost destroyed me some years ago and I still suffer for and from it. As my gravatar profile says, “I sketch too little and think too much. Blogging gives me an outlet for both.”
    My advice … you need to find something to either distract or control the thoughts. Distraction never worked for me, but I have found the concentration and focus required when sketching helps to control them.

    1. i need to try both the distraction and concentration , i think distraction might work for me being busy may help preventing any possibility of getting closer to thoughts again , i’ve had enough , blogging here helps me but sometimes thoughts take control and i just can’t stop them
      thx for the advice

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