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seriously i feel its been very very very long time since i wrote anything here , i miss wordpress and i miss you guys people i follow i really miss reading your topics , my followers , everything

i’ve been away for a while because i am busy having exams my last mid-term so i’m trying to do my best and have a happy ending in this college all what i need is a v.good grade to help me find a good job

i am not going to say that all 4 years of college life was the best but at least i had really good unforgettable moments, many lessons learned, experience and tons of memories 🙂 for a moment i thought its a good thing to graduate and leave college and have new life, but actually it feels sad to leave all what you’ve got used to it recently , i admit it the fourth year ( the current one ) was the top, everything will look different and good when you decide to enjoy your time and not to leave a second without being happy .

i decided to enjoy every moment left i have, so yes even if we are tired having tough times , having exams, working on projects and many other stuff , but the overall view is pretty good , i have two exams left and my last mid-term will be over 🙂 i’ll be back in couple of days 😉


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