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list of things replaced by modern technology .

50 things replaced by modern technology .

i have just read a post on Michelle guo blog :”

it mentioned the Mashable list for 50 things that have been replaced by modern technology , but here is my list of things i wish weren’t replaced by modern technology ,

#1 look up something in the dictionary: remember when we were kids how we used to ran to the dictionary to look up for a meaning of a word that we don’t understand , it felt like you were exploring something new, i think the effort we used to do to look up the meaning made that meaning memorable , its not like now when you need to know a meaning you look it up on Google translate.

#2 Watch videos & DVDs: when i was a kid we used to pay a visit at weekends for the video store to borrow a video tap a movie or a play or whatever , preparing for movie nights was really one of my favourite things.

#3 make a photo album: of course by having Facebook albums and Instagram there is no need to make a photo albums , i have made so many albums, an album of my pictures when i was a little kid , an album for hangouts with school friends ,album for family gatherings , and albums for my favourite football players ( yes i am a girl and i love football , i used to attend every training of my favourite team ) , albums for my favourite bands , singers , actors . but now there is no need to bother making an album for your favourite stars you have IMDP , and no need to make a photo album for you and your friends as long as you have facebook but it will be only your loss that you will never have the chance to hold these photos on your hand and look close in them and remember your old days when you look at them years later and you will not be able to stick those photos on your wall by modern technology.

#4 Record favorite programs using recorder: old movies ,plays , my parents weddings ,birthdays , favorite cartoons ..etc

#5 print photographs

#6 Hand written letters: i still remember when i was young i used to write many hand-written letters, used to write ones to my parents too , from time to time we check those and we laugh till we cry of how silly and innocent when we were young , how we used to draw a design each letter and the small drawings we draw beside our words ,it was fun 😀

#7 Watch tv shows at the time they are shown: we used to set everything earlier before the show begins , instead of what we do now we don’t care if we missed it we will watch it online , its good but what we used to do had a very special taste of entertainment , everything was different.

#8 Buy flowers from the florist: man ! flowers used to be a very respectful and appreciated gift , i remember buying flowers for my mom and grand-ma in ” mothers day ” , or when i want to apologize to someone i used to buy flowers , but i do not do that anymore , and when i do i buy those ready bouquets in the supermarket 😦

this is what i can think of right now 😉 write your list and share your memories 🙂


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