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Am I taking life too serious ? Why ?!

I’ve been asking myself this question last two days , Am I talking life too serious ? apparently YES, short answer yes, long one: yes because … 

life used to be so different, we used to have fun, but now i realized we are not.

the more we get older the less we have fun,

as we get older we get used to ” over thinking ” ,thinking about the future, about what you have missed in the past, about any other stuff … the point is we are being too serious.

it might be the pressure of the surroundings, we are definitely affected by the surrounding atmosphere, whether politically, economically or socially .

its like the closed cycle, if there is a defect in one stage then it will affect the others, politics will affect the economy which in turn will affect nations, will affect us .

you feel like life is not willing to give you a chance to relax.

i used to be so happy at in the past, i don’t know what happened now.

there is a big difference between” laughing deeply from your heart “and ” just laughing on a certain situation.”

there is a difference between “your intention & willingness to hangout with friends or whatever bec. you want to” ,” and “your decision to hangout with them because you need people in your life”

there is a difference between “you want to .. ” and ” you have to .. “

honestly i can tell you all i am doing now is only what ” i have to ..” , i am involved in that student activity bec. ” i have to ” as it will give me experience that i must have to be hired later , i am studying bec. ” i have to ” , last week i went out with friends bec. ” i have to ” we need people in our lives , right ? -do not get me wrong i love my friends and i am thankful to have them in my life- ,its just i don’t feel the same about anything like i did in the past ,

its really getting on my nerves to be like that, i am thinking before every step i could possibly take , it might be good but no its not , its not when you are thinking the 24 hrs , you need a little bit of that foolish moments you used to have , you need some of these spontaneous decisions that you used to take in one second and you don’t know how the consequences will be.

my problem is i feel that everything has changed and i don’t know why or how that happened. i might be having some good times but not like the old ones when the laugh was very true coming out of the heart.

the reason just might be that we are getting old we are not these innocent children anymore , that’s it.







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