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Thoughts #4

one of the unpublished notes :

-its easier to criticize from your place when u r not in the middle of the situation .. we used to say ” he/she should have done this like that .. or see what they have done .. see what she’s wearing , see their attitude .. bla bla bla ,

we are not judges , we are not supposed to criticize here , we don’t know the details of every situation or problem or the whole story behind a certain attitude ,, i think we should keep our mouth shut , and keep our thoughts to ourselves

actually am not trying to be the perfect girl here , but i have witnessed a situation were i felt we are all guilty for what we sometimes – unintentionally – do .

last couple of months my mom went for the usual parents meeting at my brother’s high school ,as usual teachers were saying their mission , goals and giving final reports about the students ,

mom told me : a very classy woman stood up and asked the teachers about her son’s grades , the teachers starts saying he is a disaster he never attends a class , he always gets low scores and so on , while she started crying ,, her son was one of my brother’s friend , later after the meeting my bro. knew that his friend T. is trapped in a very hard situation his mom had cancer and she was struggling for years and they knew she only have 2 months left ,

no one knew or even tried to know the story behind the failure of T. , the reason he was acting like this , being weird , rude , nobody tried to ask and help , they were all being judgmental , giving orders , nothing more .

T’s mother died weeks ago , and after her death the boy was under the shock , he told his friends later that he was trying to stay at home before his mom’s death just to be able to have enough time with her before she leaves them , how hard it is to be living a fact like this ,life is counting down days you’ll spend with the closest person to you , just imagine T. not just having a miserable life inside the house but outside too when people treat him in a bad way because they thought he was a loser & he will never change no one bothered offering a help, no one asked if they can do something for him , only some of his friends and my bro. of course stood with him , i feel sorry for the boy , he is too young to live such life lose his mother this way , seeing her everyday in front of him and he knew from inside that this day may be her last ,

anyway my point is we don’t have to be judgmental , we don’t have the right to talk about people’s attitude , clothing , behavior , we don’t know the reason why can anybody wear a unmatched colors for example , may be its the only thing that they have , it might be their taste too , right ? we are not all the same and that’s good actually , if we were all the same it would be boring ha ?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts #4

  1. What a sad story and what a lack of understanding on the educator’s part. The teacher should have researched the boy’s behavior before publicly branding him in front of other parents! Thanks for sharing!

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