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Daydreaming .

so this one of the many drafts i have written last couple of days  ,

i think i have spent the whole day ” daydreaming ” , i was having a meeting today with some colleagues as we were working on our graduation project , while we were having a general discussion ; one of the colleagues ” A” asked me about the most important thing in my life ;

well this is a long story short : this A has traveled before by a full scholarship for one year to the US , since she told me and i knew about that scholarship , i was crazy as i was looking for something like this scholarship for very long time , unfortunately when i was about to apply there was no program for students who are about to graduate this summer , i was heart broken when i knew that , but when i met A today again ;

she asked me :  Haven’t you applied for the scholarship yet ?

i said : no , bec. of that criteria problem and so on

she said : the program’s criteria has changed and u can apply even if you are about to graduate

she said that and i had butterflies , u know that feeling when you are happy , worried , and nervous at the same time , i was thinking ” is it even possible ? ” “is it possible that my only wish will come true , actually i can’t stop thinking since i’ve heard her words and i am imagining everything ,
imagining my reaction when i’ll receive that call in which i’ll be told ” your admission is accepted , be ready for the long trip ”

picturing me packing , heading to the airport saying goodbye to family and friends , traveling at a cold night , imagining me when i put my first step on the land of the airport after hours over the ocean , imagined me creating my own world ,,

yes i am crazy , crazy about my dream , crazy about traveling  ,, i am ready to do anything just to have such an opportunity ,

i hope that all this will come true  one day , i really hope so


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