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That’s why housewives should never exist .

i don’t really know if this is appropriate headline for this topic , but let us say it is

When it comes to marriage ; it becomes so clear why you should not take this step ( from my point of view ) , but if you took it then – and here i am speaking to all women out there – please don’t be a house wife , please be careful before getting married , you have to build your own character , build your own world . Because marriage is like two companies merging together , this merging could be good for both but could also hide the identity of one of them if it wasn’t strong enough , so that’s exactly what happens in marriage , if you don’t have your own world , your own independent strong character , you will be totally crushed : you are going to live with your partner’s life style not yours .

cuz if you are going to be weak , dependent person , making your partner the center of the universe then i tell you , you will be the loser here ,

you should have a life outside the house , a life beside having babies , a husband and housework , it’s proven : life is so much better and couples are happier when each of them has something to do outside the house , its just breaking that awful daily routine at home ,

so women you are not supposed to be at home for the rest of your life , go get a life and live happily ever after ; strong , independent , powerful whether you chose to get married or not ,, it’s your life you deserve to live it the way you want to !

PS : i haven’t been in a marriage before but i have seen so many marriages with diff. cases so i have witnessed many successful marriages and witnessed many failures too , so i loved to talk about it here ,, #just saying 😉



One thought on “That’s why housewives should never exist .

  1. Housewives don’t exist. Never did. Only wives. And houses. Where they live, how long they remain indoors or where they go, is not an occupational description, just an invention of advertiser wanting to sell vacuum cleaners and tupperware. I wish the word would finally die.

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