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4 days left ..

well if you have been following then you are aware of the ” 30 day challenge ” , only 4 days and the challenge will be over .

i thought it would be so boring during this month to be away from any social network but it wasn’t , actually i did a lot of things much more better than wasting time on these networks

it was so obvious that i was so active during this period , finally i got a plenty of time to do a lot of delayed work .

i have started taking a course and that was the best i’ve done as i was already planning to take this step long time ago,

i have seen the result of not being available on social network ; was obliged to use the phone to get in touch with people , in matter of fact this was important i have called people that its been a very long time since i have heard their voices as we were already chatting IM’s and so on ..

also it showed me who care and who not , as i disappeared from those networks i found the people in my life who cares keep calling me and those who don’t i realized they are only e buddies ,

instead of spending many hours on internet i had time to hung up more with friends and family

this whole thing may seem so silly but it did really mean to me , i have changed and i learnt how to wisely spend my time

so it only 4 days to go YAY 🙂


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