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today’s dessert : chocolate tart


i am not one of those girls who loves the kitchen and its work , but one day i have decided to make a dessert : a chocolate tart as i am a choco fan , so when i made last time it was breath-taking all those who ate it was impressed so i have decided to repeat the experience and prepare for a chocolate tart today .

the recipe :

– get a large chocolate bar ( the kitchen one ) 

– get a small bottle of whipping cream

– two tea spoons of coco

– one spoon of white honey

– 3 or more roll of biscuits ( you can increase it or decrease according to your need )

– a bar of butter

so you will have to boil the cream first then add directly the chocolate bar and while you are stiring till the chocolate melt you have to add the coco and the honey

then leave this syrup to get colder as you crash the biscuits into smaller pieces in the mixer while adding the butter , you should stop when it feels like one piece as it should form a strong layer as the base of the tart 

then after you distribute this layer in the troll you have to make high edges , then put the biscuit layer in the oven for 10 minutes and then after it comes out you will have to pour the chocolate syrup then leave in the fridge for half a day or the whole day to make sure its ready to be eaten

try it and let me know 😉


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