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School days :)


through my whole life , a lot of people walked in it and some walked out , but i have never forgotten any of them , each one of them has left a small memory in my head , some still have a big part in my heart and my head , for example school days -the teachers, friends – those have affected me and my life greatly , as its the first stage in our life so it will always be the best and unforgettable days , the following stages in our life whether college , work ..etc it will never be perfect like the first stage as i remember life was so easy , no responsibilities , no worries , no need to think about tomorrow because you already know everything will be fine, sometimes i think that i’ll never meet friends like the old ones ,and the teachers too , i remember how they were so keen to help us and to teach us lessons that will help us later in life , i admit it that my attitude and my way in dealing with many issues was influenced by them and their instructions that was given long time ago , if i would thank for the rest of my life it won’t be enough for what they have done ,

i used to pay them a visit annually at school , and every time i finish this visit with a very big amount of happiness , happy because i feel like i went   back to old days , happy that they still remember me , happy to hear their witnesses that we were one of the most respectful generations that passed , of course a lot of things had changed at school and some of my teachers left some traveled to another country , but thankfully the most loved ones was still there , i remember when i was young i think in primary stage , we were introduced to a new teacher fresh graduate and he will be our new teacher of science , he was handsome and as u all know all of the girls in my school fell deeply in love with him 😀 and of course i did too , i remembered how i used to be so happy when we are going to attend his class 😀 specially that he continued teaching us until we finished preparatory stage, but after that we realized that we are all fools as usual and we were only teens so he is now as my big brother , when i met him last time i visited school i was flying over the moon , my heart was beating very fast from happiness , this happiness you feel it when you see something from your past , and you remember how beautiful these days was , and how we used to be so happy , fearless , crazy , fools but most important that me my friends and teachers were just like a family and may be more ,

so thanks my dear teachers and friends , thanks my school for letting me have the most beautiful days in my life

may god bless you all

love xoxo


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