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What if it was optional ?!!

Before you start reading this i need all of you out there to close your eyes for few moments and have a look on your whole life since the very beginning …. take a look on everything whether it was a good or bad memory ,, it’s like you are evaluating your past ,,

After you have done this now you can read ..

I have been asking everyone lately this question :

– If you were given the chance from the beginning to choose between living your life or not living this life in the first place ( you’ll never exist ) .

———–> of course you will not be able to answer the question without doing the first step which is evaluating your life and thinking deeply in everything you have done and everything that had happened to you .

for example some of the answers i got when i asked the question was that He/She would choose the second choice which is they will never exist instead of living their current lives , and the explanation was that they see their lives are so miserable and have seen a lot of troubles and enough problems which have made them convinced 100% that life sucks anyway

some others were totally disagreeing the idea of the question they preferred to live their lives and see what it carries for them and they believe they will be rewarded for what they have done at the end .

some people answered that life is the best teacher so you must have this experience to face everything and learn from it , learn how to deal with different situations and how to solve your own problems , learn how to help others to be a positive person .. and that would give you a chance to be a better person and you would be benefited by understanding the main reason behind this life and why we are here ….

– when i asked myself this question first i chose to never exist as at certain point i saw life useless, i was seeing it very difficult , very difficult when you lose someone close ,one your family , friends lose them forever .. difficult in facing reality and knowing that you are here and you have to fight till the end to survive , its like having a one-way ticket .

but then i thought that life could be beautiful and simple if we all believed and accepted the fact that we are all going to die its only matter of time so we have to spend our days on earth happily we have to be alive and active as much as we can , work as hard as you can as if you are going to live forever and enjoy it to the maximum as if you are dying tomorrow , take advantage of everything … we have to help each other here on our short journey on this earth we are the ones who are making it difficult , nothing deserves to be sad for ,, if you believe there is another life after death you will know what i mean and if you don’t believe in it so i think you know you have to work hard to do your best performance in your only life !

so my advice is re-consider everything in your life , if your are from those who would choose the ( never exist ) choice so try to re-start again ,, think deeply and don’t let anything or anybody to ruin your life ITS YOURS !

i would appreciate it a lot if any of you have read this and shared your answer here 🙂

cheers 😉


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