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Thoughts .

just writing some notes that comes to my mind from time to time ..

# over there between your mother’s arms is the only place where u can feel safe , just sleeping between her arms or bending your head on her knees , it’s like u r throwing everything behind your back feeling safety , u know u r strong because she is here , she got your back always .

# missing perfection ?! people everywhere tends to create that perfect picture in their imagination as it’s a relief just to know that everything or every good character u knew or heard about it is found on earth in somebody , it makes it easier to know that this perfect “somebody” is here u can trust him , u can rely on him , once u have this feeling u allow them to manage everything .. ….as an Example : as in politics u tend to choose the better one in elections because u know u can depend on him , u know this person will never cheat & in my opinion one of the reasons behind the Arab spring is that people were deceived , they thought that their rulers are fair enough to run their countries .. some people were too chocked to believe that they were cheated they created that perfect image in their minds and refused to believe that their image is not here anymore …. but they have to face reality perfection doesn’t exist anymore in our world , Only god is perfect .

# the persons u met , the situations u were involved in , the problems u faced ..etc.  All that have made what u r right now , have made U up ! so don’t regret anything that had happened to you , don’t regret being you right now .. people have to accept who you are ,, so just be yourself don’t pretend to be anybody else


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