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Wake-Up call !!

 Here is the reason i am writing this post right now ,,

i always have this thought in my head : what i am doing here ? why me ? and many other questions that have no answers in my head !

so while watching that movie ” why did i get married?” heard an idea was said by Janet Jackson

here it is …

>> i advice you to do this exercise <<

get a paper ,divide it into two sides , on one side write everything positive or good in your life,your relationship or anything else .

and on the other side write down the negative things , anything you regret or anything that makes you feel sad .

so after writing down everything , if the positive side exceeds the negative one .. i urge you to pray and thank god for what you have ,, just compare your life and what you got to those who don’t have at least half of yours . so be thankful please !!

Because what you got is just a gift from god , your are not responsible for any of it .

you have to realize that nobody knows what will happen next second !

you don’t know whether you’ll be alive or dead , right ?

as it happened to me twice , i lost two members of my family by the same way , they were so healthy and suddenly something happened in their bodies so everything was out of control and we lost them !

my point is we are not responsible for our health we are blessed , all we can do is to take care of it .

appreciate what you have and work hard to keep it !!!

but , If the negative side exceeds the positive one ,then you have to admit that you need to fix things up !

your life is under construction and you are the only one who will be able to fix everything , have the courage to face your problems and solve it !

just remember god has the power to replace us , we are over than 6 billion person on this earth ,right ?

take the chance .. you are here on this earth , you have a mission that you were picked up for .. so figure it out , prove that you are a responsible person to do it .

don’t forget to : Be positive , re-fill your energy and cheer up , life is beautiful anyway 🙂


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