Slight, unexpected, nervous breakdown

It just got out of control now, I had a slight nervous breakdown, which is indication for the how big the upcoming one will be. Which is scary, I will be back to square 1 again. I don't know whether it is because today I have just lost my job, not a very promising one …


Action speaks louder than words.

Action speaks louder than words. We might have came across this quote a lot; but we don't usually think about it or even apply it in real life. When you experience a situation in which you are facing any type of difficulty in your life; and all what you hear from people around is I …

What matters is to show up; only show up.

Life keeps unstoppably teaching us lessons; and one of the most recent ones I have learned was knowing the importance of showing up no matter what happened. Show Up.Show up for the people you love.Show up in every occasion if possible; people are respecting you enough to share important moments of their lives with you; …

Writer Victory!—Change Your Mind

Let go. Trust. Kick your own butt.

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Image courtesy of Laura Hadden via Flickr Creative Commons. Image courtesy of Laura Hadden via Flickr Creative Commons.

We’ve been working on an Author Acrostic for Victory. V for voluntarily submit. I for identify problem areas and defectsToday we are at C for change your mind. Most of us know where we need to try harder, come up higher. Yet, sometimes the simplest things to do are the hardest.

I lived my 20s like a Mountain Dew commercial. I taught Ju-Jitsu during the week and then camped, hiked, kayaked, and mountain biked on the weekends. I was the only girl on an all-male college Roller Hockey Team. If it was guaranteed to be dangerous and stupid? Sign me UP!

I’d grown up with two parents terrified of making decisions. Terrified to try and fail. In making no decisions they still made a decision. I fell into that same pattern as an adult, but thankfully was able…

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